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To say it has been a “few” months is definitely an understatement. There are excuses as to my extended absence, however they only offer a short reprieve. Instead I will offer a sincere, “you were missed” and jump right back into the fray.

The nation was moved by the tragic events on Saturday, January 8, in Tucson, AZ. I was glued to my phone as I scattered for details and explanations. Why? While there is much to be said concerning the horrific turn of events, I have learned from our commander-in-chief that pointing the finger offers no solution. There was a gunman, he pulled the trigger, to over analyze this would prove futile and irresponsible.

In stating this, there is much to be done in regards to the political divisiveness within our nation. The hope of change began in 2008 and has not ceased to exist due to the rhetoric of the few. Granted, the words in which many GOP incite have led to the creation of the tea party and its “movement.” Their purpose is dedicated to another post.

The goal of last night’s speech was to begin the healing of a nation that is yet grappling with the “why?” In order to better understand we must first know that we are ALL American. This country belongs to not a single entity; immigrants are what we all derive from. To quote our president, “There is no red America or blue America… there is only the United States of America.”


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  1. The speech was awesome and much needed.

    Comment by Jamie | January 16, 2011 | Reply

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