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Addressing the SOTU address

Watching the president speak on yesterday I was overwhelmed with multiple feelings. The common emotion was pride, in spite of the bickering displayed by each side (the red being the most outspoken). The speech surrounded a need to work as a unit. Finger pointing and snide remarks were non existent. The members of Congress sat attentively in a mixed crowd (Republicans and Democrats sitting together) and while it was, in theory, a good illustration of civility by sitting together, the need to WORK together was more important. The president extended a leaflet of compromise by stating, “What I’m not willing to do — what I’m not willing to do is go back to the days when insurance companies could deny someone coverage because of a preexisting condition…So I say to this chamber tonight, instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward.”

State of the Union Speech

How can we make this healthcare law appeasing to both sides? First it is important to address the FACT Republicans do not support the law… at all. President Obama certainly displayed characteristics only found in great presidents by extending olive branch after olive branch, Republicans (as in their official response yesterday by Congressman Paul Ryan) offer only stoned-faced “no.” Running television ads dissuading the public and using the ever popular fear mongering are the key tactics used.

Republican response

… and for entertainment purposes…

There is a solution to the dilemma the president and democrats alike are facing. Compromise has been extended, but the course should be taken to the American people. With a recent rise in the polls, the president has begun to gain more popularity and with this he should take to the trails. Introduce the bill once more and show the American people the many advantages of healthcare for ALL people. Charts should be introduced to give a wider scope of the bill and how it is saving the lives of countless people. The people have not spoken until all Americans have access to affordable healthcare.


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