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Long live the Pharoah

Egyptian President Mubarak appeared on tv and after what appeared to be 5 hours, stated he would stay in office until September. His reasons were long drafted that offered few solid explanations. Many (especially the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square) thought this was the concessional speech. Instead, he insisted that these were Egyptian matters and that due to “outside” influences, the people were coerced into revolution. His vagueness continued as he stated that he would lift the state of emergency…down the road…sometime when the time is right. This act has been enforced since his tenure as president.

To add insult to injury Vice President Suleiman appeared on television less than an hour later and reiterated what had previously been stated by the president. The speech both men offered is not only condescending it offered no reprieve for the people of Egypt. This illustrates the aged mentality of the current Egyptian leaders and the resolve of people that have illustrated patient democracy.

What happens now is up in the air. I have a strong hunch that the protests will gather more steam as they wage through disappointment after disappointment. Violence is sure to follow as the president continues to try to hold on to powers that he no longer has.


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