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How should we feel?

Unless you happen to live under a rock, you know by now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American Special Forces. The president informed the nation late Sunday evening of the demise of the world’s most elusive man.

What is still up for debate is the appropriateness of emotions. I have been bombarded with the following (via social networking sites): Pure outrage of the “celebrating” many Americans are currently exhibiting, sadness that Americans are even in fact “celebrating”, fear that this will be the beginning of the end for western civilization as we know it, anger that President Bush was not considered the actual hero, anger that the president is taking all the credit and not distributing it to the actual men/women responsible, and finally, outraged that this would surely eclipse the disaster relief efforts in the south.

It is first imperative that we put in perspective the seriousness of the situation. A very bad man was apprehended and assassinated. The importance of capturing/assassinating Bin Laden cannot be stressed enough due to the crimes in which he committed, the depth of his influence within Al Qaeda, and the symbolism of finally destroying a vestibule of terror.

What reaction would the naysayers permit others in having? Of COURSE people are happy due to what this symbolizes within a broader scale. Does violent beget more violence? Well, of course this is yet being debated and concrete evidence has yet to be produced. There is no evidence that Bin Laden would have gone into custody willingly, heck, he even used others for his bidding, even in his final hours on earth.

As for those that believe Bush should be given credit, this is not the blog for this sentiment. President Bush failed to capture Bin Laden and even discover those long forgotten WMDs. As far as President Obama taking the credit, I cannot eloquently write my disbelief at this. I have decided instead to attach the transcript as it cannot be altered.

Transcript: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/05/02/osama-bin-laden-dead

The emotions Americans feel at this point derive from the pain that we felt so many years ago on Sept. 11. The fear it seems has been replaced with joy. Not joy at the demise of a man, joy at what his life represented while he walked this earth. Of course terrorism can never be killed; it is an ideology that exists on the realm of all we know.

So before you write a status that reads, “How can we celebrate a death?!” Remember the nation that stood in utter disbelief as the Twin Towers fell, remember the innocent victims and more importantly, remember the feeling of hopelessness that has finally given way to a glimmer of hope.


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