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I went to see “Hangover II” and was thrilled because I enjoyed the first one so much. The theater was packed, which was expected due to it being opening day, and I was in high spirits. I looked over to my husband and whispered (while the credits were rolling) “I bet this is going to be so funny!”

Funny? Yes. Original? Hardly. However, this is no review of the movie, this is a direct strike at a mere 5 second bit in the movie I found to be outright deplorable.

While running around and attempting to piece together an eventful night, the men question one of the more memorable characters in the movie, Mr. Chow. As he attempts to help the befallen, he plays a message from his cell with a very drunken line that refers to his comrades as “niggas.” When the word was uttered I looked around to ensure I had not been wrong in my translation, before I made it through the end of my row, the word was said again (by the character known as Alan). I sat in stunned silence for what seemed to be an eternity and finally looked at my husband; he too stared at the screen, mouth agape.

To voice my disappointment seems hollow. To use such an offensive word, even in “jest” hardly seems necessary given the pranks that the characters seemed to fall in, most being laughable. To the benefit of the audience only a few chuckled when the words were uttered, to the distaste of me, a few still chuckled.

The producers, directors, and actors of the movies should be ashamed. To make a joke of a word so detestable illustrates a lack of concern for so many. To utter the word is NEVER okay, I will clarify, NO ONE has the right to say it.

My regret? Not knowing that this word would rear its ugly head in the strangest of places, a group of men attempting to piece together an adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

It should be added that when searching for articles of outrage, “explanation” and a sense of responsibility, I found one.


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