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Justified outrage?

I have attempted to stray away from the media circus surrounding the Casey Anthony trial and public condemnation of the family. The fervor over receiving justice for little Caylee became a pastime for many Americans as they sat, watched, waited and some, praying for justice.

My concern ran deep for the little girl, staring sweetly into the lens of the camera. Her picture circulated the nation and captivated every audience. Has her death somehow been vindicated due to the trial, presentation of evidence, and ultimate decision of the jury? That falls beyond my scope of expertise, my concern has always been with the fascination that has surrounded THIS particular case. Caylee Anthony’s body was found in 2008, how many children have gone missing, killed, or exploited since then?

While my goal within this case is not to condemn those for being fascinated and disheartened with the aspects of Caylee’s death, my confusion does arise at the lack of concern for children in similar capacities. Browsing websites for the missing and exploited children and my heart grows heavy, my blood boils. The amount (averaged at 795,000 a year) of children that are missing and exploited each year is astounding, yet this fails to make front page headlines, 2 cases a week are barely mentioned within national television spots.

Remember the 3 year old boy in Mississippi that was burned alive by his mom when she placed him in an oven? No? I am not surprised; the story was played within the local outlets but never saw the light of day outside of the state. What about the parents that starved their child to death in Alabama? Still not familiar?

It is no surprise that these stories are absolute horrifying, even more devastating is the blatant disregard the media/public has shown. No pictures are placed up of children such as these on Facebook profiles-I saw friends do this for little Caylee today. There were no national vigils, no screaming protestors outside the courtroom of the none-televised trials, and no Nancy Grace… screaming at the injustice of it all.

The argument is not whether one should be outraged concerning the death of a little girl, the concern lies in why is the outrage limited to merely one?


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