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Why we MUST vote for Obama in 2012

We are well into the campaign season and while the GOP hopefuls have produced dozens of embarrassing sound bites, the lack of intelligence concerning both foreign and domestic policy has been astounding. Even more upsetting (if there is a litmus test available) are the reactions from the audiences. The booing of an American soldier that happened to be gay, cheering the death of an uninsured cancer patient, or cheering the execution of 234 death row inmates, many of whom may have been innocent…

While this all makes for interesting blogging, the issue here remains simple. There is a lack of knowledge concerning the most BASIC of policy issues from the GOP contenders. On numerous occasions Republican candidates have proven themselves completely unfit for public office, let alone the American presidency. Debates have been marred with social discussions that fail to answer any solutions regarding job creation, viable stimulation of our economy, social security, health care, foreign policy or the dying middle class. What is discussed? Water boarding being used as a method of interrogation, how we must go to war with Iran in order to ensure we are safe, gay marriage, the need to NOT tax millionaires, and the lack of leadership from our current leader.

Instead of continuous blogging I will allow the following videos to produce a much stronger message. A message of urgency, we must vote for Barack Obama in 2012 because if not… well the consequences will be much greater than we can imagine.


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