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Style Over Substance

Following last night’s debate the social networking world was ablaze, of course not with what actually was discussed but concerning the future of a large yellow bird known as “Big Bird.” The natural reaction to this was immediate and swift, many viewers discussed their disdain for Governor Romney’s proposal to slash funding for the Public Broadcasting Station.

Is this not telling of a debate so highly toted as the most important day leading up to election 2012? There were few highlights within the debate that many have taken from last night, other than those that were not exactly pertaining to the actual events. However there are many things one should take away from last night:

  1. Speaking loudly and aggressively is NOT debating: As a former member of my high school’s debate team, this is 101.
  2. Talking over the moderator is NOT a characteristic of a model participant: Governor Romney’s abrasiveness illustrated a privileged persona, one that continues to rumble through rules/regulations.
  3. Facts were wholly absent from Governor Romney’s statements. According to more than 5 media outlets, Romney told more than 27 lies in less than 40 minutes. A few of the inconsistencies: Claims he does not have a $5 trillion tax cut, he is not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income people, will not raise taxes on middle-income families, claimed President Obama has put in place as much public debt as all other presidents combined, claimed his healthcare plan would mean no change for current retirees and near retirees to Medicare, stated there are some parts of Dodd-Frank he would keep-after he has repeatedly called for a full repeal, claimed Obamacare would cause 20 million people to lose their insurance, claimed he didn’t raise taxes when he implemented Romneycare, claimed pre-existing conditions are covered under his plan

While the media has taken its ‘polling’ of Romney’s victory on last night there is one fact that is being overlooked. The triumph for Romney was that style won over substance. Romney repeated falsehoods with assertiveness and a style that can only be described as privileged bravado.

Finally, there was a conversation missing in its entirety from last night’s debate. Women’s reproductive rights, immigration policy, workers’ rights were all left untouched, this is where my outrage lies… sorry Big Bird.

Transcript from last night’s debate


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