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Addressing the SOTU address

Watching the president speak on yesterday I was overwhelmed with multiple feelings. The common emotion was pride, in spite of the bickering displayed by each side (the red being the most outspoken). The speech surrounded a need to work as a unit. Finger pointing and snide remarks were non existent. The members of Congress sat attentively in a mixed crowd (Republicans and Democrats sitting together) and while it was, in theory, a good illustration of civility by sitting together, the need to WORK together was more important. The president extended a leaflet of compromise by stating, “What I’m not willing to do — what I’m not willing to do is go back to the days when insurance companies could deny someone coverage because of a preexisting condition…So I say to this chamber tonight, instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward.”

State of the Union Speech

How can we make this healthcare law appeasing to both sides? First it is important to address the FACT Republicans do not support the law… at all. President Obama certainly displayed characteristics only found in great presidents by extending olive branch after olive branch, Republicans (as in their official response yesterday by Congressman Paul Ryan) offer only stoned-faced “no.” Running television ads dissuading the public and using the ever popular fear mongering are the key tactics used.

Republican response

… and for entertainment purposes…

There is a solution to the dilemma the president and democrats alike are facing. Compromise has been extended, but the course should be taken to the American people. With a recent rise in the polls, the president has begun to gain more popularity and with this he should take to the trails. Introduce the bill once more and show the American people the many advantages of healthcare for ALL people. Charts should be introduced to give a wider scope of the bill and how it is saving the lives of countless people. The people have not spoken until all Americans have access to affordable healthcare.


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Steele no more.

Michael Steele has dropped out of the RNC chairman bid. This is not TECHNICALLY news due to Steele being an embarrassment for the GOP since being placed head of the party 2 years ago.

To say the entertainment Steele offered will be missed is an understatement. Not only did he provide a countless supply of jokes for every entertainers delight, he also gave the Republican’s much needed “credibility” within the minority arena. Let’s be honest, his election was as transparent as John McCain rapping at a Black Caucus conference.

The GOP has a long way to go if they are to be a force within the 2012 elections. With the Palin train derailing and the total lack of support within every key demographic, the RNC is the laughing stock of every household… okay, mainly mine.

Next up for GOP? The scare tactics that have proven to best utilized by former radio dj, Glenn Beck.

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To say it has been a “few” months is definitely an understatement. There are excuses as to my extended absence, however they only offer a short reprieve. Instead I will offer a sincere, “you were missed” and jump right back into the fray.

The nation was moved by the tragic events on Saturday, January 8, in Tucson, AZ. I was glued to my phone as I scattered for details and explanations. Why? While there is much to be said concerning the horrific turn of events, I have learned from our commander-in-chief that pointing the finger offers no solution. There was a gunman, he pulled the trigger, to over analyze this would prove futile and irresponsible.

In stating this, there is much to be done in regards to the political divisiveness within our nation. The hope of change began in 2008 and has not ceased to exist due to the rhetoric of the few. Granted, the words in which many GOP incite have led to the creation of the tea party and its “movement.” Their purpose is dedicated to another post.

The goal of last night’s speech was to begin the healing of a nation that is yet grappling with the “why?” In order to better understand we must first know that we are ALL American. This country belongs to not a single entity; immigrants are what we all derive from. To quote our president, “There is no red America or blue America… there is only the United States of America.”

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Rand Paul – Tea party candidate

This video of Rachel Maddow questioning GOP (Tea Party) candidate Rand Paul and his less than mainstream views of the Civil Rights Act. Dr. Paul states “fine (Civil Rights Act) when it came to desegregating public institutions, but not private businesses.”

This is what the Tea Party is currently producing.

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In America, we speak English. Oh Com’on!

In wake of Arizona’s new immigration law, the GOP (party of the leader that invoked such a bonding law) has released a colorful line of players. An Alabama gubernatorial candidate (Tim James) released an ad stating a goal of his that will eliminate… well… the goal is not exactly clear. However, it appears a big problem for most Alabamans are those darn driver’s test in English AND Spanish. No, Alabama should not worry itself with the fact that Mobile City Council is currently attempting to solve the city’s $14-million budget shortfall. No, the issue is making Alabama an English only state (I will save the joke of them not speaking proper English in Alabama).

So what’s the real issue here? I think it is rather obvious. There are many in our country that are illustrating their true colors (or lack of love for). The tide is rapidly turning in America. Within this turning cycle there is a resounding “forgetfulness” within the Grand Ole Party, this country was founded and is majority immigrants. It was due to the bigoted sentiments James displays that our country is regarded as lacking of culture within the world atmosphere.

We are a nation that speaks English, English only. Our children are left defenseless in an ever-evolving world due to our inability and outright bull-nosed disregard of other languages. This issue is far greater than a driver’s test, it illustrate our lack of evolution in a world constantly changing.

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Gangster Government

So the Tea Party, not shy from controversy, has decided to take its “grassroots” movement to the Capital. Unhappy with the policies of (insert your adjective here, there are so many tea baggers hurl) the current administration, the people have taken to protest. Led by rogue players such as Sarah Palin and Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, the movement has stated its mission as working for the middle class and getting back to the basics of our nation. Nevermind the fact that leaders such as Palin grossed over $12 million last year AFTER quitting her gubernatorial post. The Rogue clearly excites the party with her wise cracks and self absorbed appeal. The tea party also doesn’t consider the fact that taxes have decreased for 95% of Americans under Obama’s stimulus package. No, the facts are not good enough for the unhappy righteous right.


“We’re on to this gangster government,” she declared. “I say it’s time for these little piggies to go home” Bachmann stated.

So what is this REALLY about? The movement cannot correlate facts with fiction, taxes are down and job increases are evident within many states. With the recent allegations of homophobic, racially charged slurs being hurled at members of Congress (protesters involved directly with Tea Party) one has to consider the alternatives in which follow the movement. One thing is for certain, the Tea Party is gaining momentum and it is up to those loaded with facts and not fiction to assist in informing.

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Who knows nukes best?

Well, it is only 2010 but the Republicans are preparing for an election not yet on the horizon. First up, the former governor of Alaska that failed to complete her gubernatorial term.

At a recent rally Palin stated her knowledge (according to her more in depth) on nuclear strategies. Her take on Obama’s experience “all the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer.” Interesting take from a governor that never completed her term due to other “issues.” To put it rather gently, Palin has yet to prove she knows ANYTHING concerning either foreign or domestic policy. Her interviews prior to presidential election showcased a woman prone to unintelligent garble that quickly dissipates into defensive indignation once caught without basic knowledge of our political systems.

Not to completely dismiss our current commander-in-chief. His problem? Responding indirectly to Palin’s “folksy” approach. Drawing into the “soccer” mom’s web only further pushes Palin into a limelight, one in which she is completely undeserving of being under. Palin has yet to illustrate her knowledge of political affairs and it is not due to the liberal media, it is due to the fact that she is as ill-informed concerning world affairs as the average 5th grader.

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Well if Gingrich says it that deems it true… right?

Newt Gingrich stated on today that President Obama was “the most radical president in American history” who oversees a “secular, socialist machine.” This coming from a figure so polarizing he was forced to step down not only from position as Speaker of the House but also resign from a seat he had been easily elected?

This blog is not worthy of many more words from such a secular (term taken from Mr. Gingrich) man such as Newt. This, my readers is what the GOP is coming to; Newt, Dick, Sarah and tea parties.

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Move over Black History Month

It’s been a few months but it has not been without its tasks. In my time off from blogging I have accomplished quite a bit, moved from Italy back to USA and purchased a home. Also had time to graduate (May) with second M.A. Now back to the news at hand.

Virginia governor (Republican) Robert McDonnell has declared April “Confederate Month” due in part (his words) to celebrating the states’ rights vs. the rights of the federal government. This proclamation, of course, is not without its controversy. Several civil rights groups have criticized the proclamation due to its obvious history and in my personal opinion insinuation. It has been 8 years since Virginia has declared such a notion, quite ironic that it is done during a time of such divisiveness and our president sharing heritage with the very slaves the confederates sought to control.

If the GOP is serious in its position of seeking more diversity within its party, acts such as this does little to help this cause. The civil war was created on the basis of slavery, history has taught us this. To prescribe that this proclamation is only to preserve history and the commonwealth of Virginia is not only ludicrous but dubious as well. Our country cannot heal nor move forward until both parties unite. This, of course, does not further the cause.

With issues plaguing the party such as infighting, lack of effective leadership within the RNC, tea party affiliations and overall bad publicity, this illustrates a bigger problem for all. One must wonder the reasons behind many of the tactics used by leaders within the party and worry not only for our nation but our future.

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The “politics” of Avatar

By now there are millions of Americans that have viewed the movie Avatar. The concept appeared to be straightforward with messages that appear universal. Given the appropriate opportunity, greed can overcome and destroy an environment.

However, there are many conservative writers that are slamming the movie due to its political messaging. Read the story here: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/politics-avatar-conservatives-attack-movies-political-messaging/story?id=9484885

The tell-tale for these conservatives is the portrayal of corporations attempting to take over the natural resources of the planet Pandora (Halliburton meets Vietnam).

John Podhoretz, writing a critique for the Weekly Standard, goes so far as to call the movie “anti-American.”
“The conclusion does ask the audience to root for the defeat of American soldiers at the hands of an insurgency. So it is a deep expression of anti-Americanism-kind of,” Podhoretz writes.

While I failed to draw the same conclusions as the conservative writers, I did find other messages in the movie that caused me to raise an eyebrow. The depiction of Na’vi as helpless victims gives the same notion that natives are incapable of fending of predators without the assistance of outsiders, it also creates a false sense that natives are always in harmony with nature.

In the end I enjoyed the movie. The conservative writers in question appear to have looked for more than what the movie offers, or maybe it is due to the “unpatriotic” liberals.

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